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When Mother’s Day is bittersweet…

So this Sunday is Mother’s Day. for a lot of women, the idea of Mother’s Day stirs up sweet memories and big plans. for some, Mother’s Day is tinged with sadness over their mother not being alive anymore, or painful memories over the loss of a sweet child of their own. it’s been just over

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Not defined by weight

 I have to be honest; I’ve been dealing with some self-loathing lately. I’m about ten pounds overweight, and my clothes aren’t fitting right–as in everything is either too tight, or makes me look 5 months pregnant.  Not exactly the look I’m going for, if you know what I mean. I look in the mirror and

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I’m sick.  Again. and quite frankly, I am so tired of this cloud of sickness that seems to be hovering over my house; since Thanksgiving, my kids and I have had one virus after another, with barely a break in between. last Wednesday night I was hit with a nasty stomach flu, and I mean

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