Hi!¬† I’m PattyAnn, and I’m so glad you chose to visit my blog today.

I’m simply a mom, wife, and lover of all things chocolate.

I like the simple things in life…warm cozy days by the fireplace, chic flicks with my girls, and sweet dates with my hubby, just to name a few.

most importantly, I love Jesus.

life has not gone the way I thought it would; not in the least.

I’ve know way more loss than I ever imagined possible, all within a five-year time period.

my heart has been broken, and my life has crumbled all around me, leaving me broken and scarred.

these past five years have changed me, leaving me raw and exposed, and I’m no longer the woman I used to be.

I don’t laugh as much as I used to, and tears come way more¬†easily than before.

along with the brokenness has come a strength that I never knew before, as well as an openness to whatever God may have for me.

and though I may not be the woman I was before, I’d have to say that walking this hard road has opened my eyes to Jesus like never before.

and for that, I am grateful.

I believe that we all have a story to share, and my hope is that by sharing my story someone reading it will be touched, or even changed.