Summertime musings….

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IMG_0364 And just like that, we’re into August.

where did summer go?

thankfully, it’s not completely over yet, but as i see school buses going by these days, practicing their routes for this upcoming school year, I’m reminded that this crazy, wonderful thing we call “summer break” is coming to an end.

it’s been a good summer for my family–full and chaotic at times–but relaxing and refreshing at the same time.

no big vacation this summer, but lots of summer activities that kept us running here and there.

overall, I’d say summer has been wonderful!

IMG_0367It’s crazy to think that I’ve been planning for our thirteenth year of homeschooling!  I can’t even believe it’s been that long since we started our home school journey!

my oldest son is entering high school this year—can someone please tell me how this is possible??

he will be a freshman and my middle girl will be a JUNIOR!  Both of them will be attending an online Christian school that my daughter started attending her freshman year; it’s a great school, and it has been great for my daughter.

having the two of them attending the online school means that i will only have two students this year!  How crazy is that????  My youngest girlie will be in 7th, and my youngest son in 5th.  This is my last year with an elementary student!  From here on out, I will only have middle and high school students.  Wow!

my hubby took the kids on a camping trip two weeks ago (have i ever mentioned that I HATE camping?) so that i could focus on school planning; my high school daughter stayed home with me–she apparently hates camping too, though i don’t know how that works since she’s attending a camp out this weekend with her youth group.  Hmmm, i guess it’s all about who shes camping with!

i got a lot of planning done that weekend, but i still have a few things to do, which I’m hoping to finish up today.  I was planning to follow the public school schedule here in my district, until i realized that they’re starting on August 16th!  Ugh!  That’s a little too early as far as I’m concerned!  My high schoolers start on the 28th, which is much more along the lines of what i was thinking!

IMG_0368 My “goal” to lose weight this summer didn’t actually happen.  No big surprise there, especially since I didn’t actually get my act together and start eating better until last week!  Better late than never, I guess.

I’ve known for a while now that carbs are my issue (mainly gluten), and yet, I couldn’t bring myself to cut back and get things under control.  It’s taken a summer of feeling gross, hating the way my clothes fit (or should i say, not fit), and finding out that i have two friends who were diagnosed with breast cancer this summer to finally get my attention, and make me realize that I’m not getting any younger and the time to take care of me is NOW.

I want to clarify that I’m not saying that gluten or carbs cause cancer; what I’m saying is that gluten and carbs cause inflammation in my body, which over time, can lead to an unhealthy immune system and many other undesirable illnesses.  And I’ve put my self-care on hold for far too long now.

Thankfully, I have a lifelong friend who is on this health journey with me, which helps me stay on track!  I’m hoping my consistency will pay off, and I’ll start dropping weight and feeling better!


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