Wordless Wednesday ~ When You’re Waiting for the Sun to Shine


FullSizeRender 2Sometimes it feels as though winter may never end.

Here in the Mid-West, we’ve only had one snow storm worth mentioning, a week of 60-70 degree weather, and very.little.sunshine.

I don’t do so well with all the gloom and lack of sunshine.

It feels like the days are super short, and by 6:00pm I feel like it should be bedtime.


FullSizeRenderWinter has a way of reminding me of something I’m very familiar with: depression.

I’ve struggled with depression for a few years now, so much so that I had to get on medication in order to function well in my daily life.

I fought going on medication for quite some time, but let me tell you, it’s made a night and day difference in my life.


IMG_2256I’ve been a bit discouraged these past few days, because I’ve started to feel that familiar heaviness start to come over me.

I’ve been doing so good for so long now that I don’t want to be hindered with depression right now.

When depression starts to settle in, it interrupts my life in so many ways.

facing each day becomes drudgery, and excitement over anything is hard to come by.

IMG_2242I don’t want to go down this road once again; yet, because I’ve walked this road numerous times in the past, I know that God has a purpose for this season and that he will meet me and carry me through.

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