Happy New Year!

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img_0057 Happy New Year!

Am I the only one who’s having a hard time believing that Christmas has come and gone and it’s now 2017?

i had a wonderful Christmas with my family; however, I feel that it went by so fast that it seems like it was already a long time ago!

now we’re starting a new week as well as a new year!  Crazy!

our family started the year off by attending the New Year’s Day service at church.

At our new church.  I’ll fill you in on that bit of news later.

anyway, I felt as if the whole service was meant for me.

have you ever been struggling with something or looking for answers to a situation in your life, and then you sit in a church service and feel like every word was meant JUST.FOR.YOU?  That was me yesterday.

starting with the time of worship, God was moving in me and confirming things in my heart.  Big things.

he confirmed for me that moving to a new church after being at our former church for 13 years was the right thing to do.

he confirmed for me that in 2016 he revealed to me areas where I am broken and in need of healing and restoration,

and that 2017 is going to be the year that he’s going to heal and restore me.

as part of the worship service, they played a video of different people from our family of churches sharing testimonies of what God has done for them.

there were testimonies of deliverance, testimonies of restoration, and testimonies of promises that God fulfilled in their lives.

the video was so powerful that I was in tears.

and as I sat there taking it all in, I felt God impress on my heart that one day soon, I will be up there sharing my testimony as well.

my testimony of how God has delivered me from years of bondage due to an incident of sexual abuse as a child.

my testimony of how God has restored the broken areas of my heart and has given me a story that I long to share with others.

my testimony of how I have finally come to a place of loving myself rather than loathing the person I see looking back at me in the mirror.

and finally, my testimony of how God has lifted the shame that I have carried for so long, and has brought these dry bones of mine back to life.

God was just all over me in that church service, and I couldn’t get enough.

rather than making a bunch of New Years resolutions that I’ll end up failing at by the end of January, I am instead choosing to bask in the promises that God gave to me yesterday.

i long to dig deeper into the Word and get to know my Savior more than ever before.

and most of all, I want to wait in anticipation for the remarkable things that I know God’s going to do in and through me in 2017!

I pray that 2017 is the year where your hopes and dreams come true, and that it will be your best year yet!




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