The “D” Word

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It’s a topic that most people won’t talk about.

its easier to hide it than to admit it, for fear you won’t be understood.

and I’m sad to say that it’s often the hardest to talk about among Christians, or in my case, fellow believers.


sometimes it can come on slowly, and you don’t even realize it until it’s been going on for a while.

and other times, it will hit you like a ton of bricks; almost as if you were thrown into a pit of darkness.

my struggle with depression began about three years ago.

i tried to ignore it and pretend that I was doing well, but depression refuses to be ignored.

actually, I refused to admit that anything was wrong, and I fought it until I couldn’t fight it anymore.

it wasn’t until I realized that my life was passing me by and I was merely a spectator, that I finally decided that it was time to see my doctor.

after a lengthy visit with my doctor, he and I both agreed that it would be best for me to try a mild antidepressant.

and let me tell you, once we figured out the right dosage for me(it took about 2 months to get it right) the difference was like night and day.

i have to honest; I didn’t want to take the medication.

I was actually ashamed that I needed the meds, because I felt that I should be strong enough to handle the depression on my own.

and as a believer, I was afraid what other believers would think of me if they found out I was on depression meds.

i know it sounds crazy, but over the years I’ve heard a lot of “Christians” claim that, “if you love Jesus, you shouldn’t need antidepressants.”

and you know what?  That’s a bunch of crap.

clinical depression is no different that any other illness that requires medication, and there’s no shame in getting the help when you need it.

most people have no idea how hard depression can be to deal with.

it can be diabilitating at times, stripping you of all joy and taking away your desire for things that you’ve always loved.

depression tells you that you are alone and that no one wants to hear that you’re struggling with it once again.

it will tell you that your family and friends would be better off without you, and that things will never change.

depression is very real, and it affects so many people in so many ways.

but unfortunately, a lot of people hide behind their smile, say everything is ok, and go on to live in their pit of darkness, scared and alone.

how do I know this?

because I’m sad to say that I’ve lived it.

but once I began to share my struggle with those closest to me, the struggle wasn’t as heavy as before; because I knew that I had people who care about me and who really do want to help me through.

Please, if you’re struggling with depression don’t keep it to yourself and walk through it alone.

You are not alone!

If you or someone you love is walking through depression, please don’t wait.  Get the help you need now, because you are worth it!





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  1. “if you love Jesus, you shouldn’t need antidepressants.”

    Hmmmm…do those people take their blood pressure medicine or antibiotics when they are sick? This logic makes absolutely zero sense!

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