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I love Fridays.  plain and simple.

We do four-day school weeks around here, so Thursdays are our Fridays, which I love!

And trust me, the kids love it too!

It’s been a crazy and full week around here, filled with appointments, errands, and taxiing my kids around to and from their friend’s houses!

Add to that a stressful week of trying to teach Math to 3 different kids in 3 different grades.

Quite frankly, my life would be prefect without having to teach math.

Ok, maybe not my life, but at least my home school would be perfect without Math.

the older i get (and I’m really not all that old!), the harder it is to switch gears in my brain when it comes to jumping from one level of Math to another.

Thankfully, I was able to switch my youngest to Teaching Textbooks which is self-graded, so that should make a difference and free me up a bit.




I’ve been a bit frustrated with how I’ve been eating this week.

I steered off my healthy eating plan way more than I should have, and the scale shows it.

I hate that it’s so hard for me to stop once i start eating sugary treats.

I lost three pounds last week because I ate well and avoided carbs, for the most part.

i also tracked every bite of food that went into my mouth.

tracking my food is key for me when it comes to weight loss, and i see great results when I do.

and yet, here i am, eating like a crazy person this week.

UGH!  It’s so frustrating!

I need a good balance. and most of all, i need to discipline myself to stick with it.

All I know is I’m getting really tired of not fitting into my clothes; I had to go out and buy a few new things that i can wear until I lose the weight.

Ok, enough whining about my food struggles!  I know what I have to do, now I just need to do it.

Have a great weekend!


I’d love to hear what your eating habits are and how you discipline yourself to eat well!

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