I am a writer….

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so last week, I started my creative writing class, and I must say, I LOVED it!

my instructor is very laid back, and treats us as though she’s known us for years; and on top of all that, she’s funny.

she makes learning easy and enjoyable.

last week we talked a bit about why we write and whether or not there is something that we want to write about, but are afraid to.

for me, the answers came quickly….

first of all, I write because it’s therapeutic for me.

when I write what’s in my heart, I find freedom.  plain and simple.

when I hold everything inside, I want to explode; sometimes I do explode, and trust me, it’s not pretty.

in response to the second question, there are a few things that I want to write about, but am often afraid to, for various reasons.

one reason would be that I worry what people will think of me after reading what I wrote.

especially people that I know personally.

another reason would be that I feel pressure from certain members of my extended family to not write about the very things I want to write about, mainly because they would be uncomfortable reading it.

however, one thing that my instructor said that really struck a cord with me is the reality that this blog is MINE, and I have a story to share.

not only that, but my story is also MINE, and I have a right to share it, as long as I do it tastefully.

hearing those words were exactly what I needed, and I now feel free to be me.





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